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Welcome to Little Lake Stables! Situated in the gently rolling farmland of South Central Wisconsin, we provide quality boarding care for mares and geldings at all stages of their life. Enjoy riding over our 10 miles of trails through fields, woods and wetlands. Relax on your ride while seeing local wildlife such as deer, turkeys, cranes, eagles, and a host of others. Our boarders have the special treat of being able to ride year round – there’s nothing quite like being the first to lay tracks on fresh powder in the winter! If it’s time to tune your skills or tweak your horse’s training, take advantage of the indoor or outdoor arena. If it’s time for a break, just hang out with your fellow boarders in our relaxed atmosphere.

Your horse will love daily turnout with buddies in 20 acres of pasture during the summer, then munch contentedly all winter at free choice hay feeders located in large turnouts.  All horses are stalled at night and provided high quality hay plus feed and supplements at the discretion of their owners. Horses are hand-walked in and out each day and carefully watched over by our onsite management.

We encourage you to come on out and see the farm for yourself – we hope you’ll like what you see! Contact us soon and thanks for visiting!

Click on the picture to see a slideshow of Little Lake Stables highlights! 

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